TGS Noise survey

In 2015 CMACS supported TGS as they secured approval for seismic surveys in Arctic waters off eastern Greenland.  CMACS scientists prepared an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and attended public hearings in Greenland.  We subsequently planned and managed a programme of underwater noise survey to validate modelling of airgun noise used in the EIA.  Staff are now working on plans for further seismic survey in the area in 2016.  Our remit includes assessment of all potential environmental and socio-economic effects, notably marine mammals, seabirds and fish/fisheries.



CMACS is supporting Dong Energy by finalising pre-construction benthic environmental monitoring work and preparing for during construction marine mammal mitigation at Burbo Extension Offshore Wind Farm.  Baseline benthic environmental monitoring and Annex I habitat investigation surveys were completed in summer 2015 and CMACS staff are now preparing for wind farm construction scheduled to start in 2016.  CMACS staff will develop a programme of ongoing benthic monitoring and will be present on site during piling of wind turbine foundations to implement mitigation to safeguard marine mammals during construction.


CMACS Staff are currently:

  • Monitoring shorebirds around the Humber Sea Terminal, continuing a programme of monitoring which now extends to over twenty years and includes regular surveys of intertidal habitats, estuarine sediments and saltmarsh communities to support ongoing operations at the port.
  • Reporting findings following survey of a tuna baitfish fishery in the Maldives.
  • Providing expert marine ecological support for review of an application to operate a pipeline in Ireland.
  • Analysing data from surveys of marine colonisation at Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, where CMACS staff are also responsible for ongoing marine mammal monitoring.


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